Monday, January 25, 2010

Angela Burkart "freezes" out the opposition

Simon says: - My sister must be a nutter - how cold??!!!! She's a winner though so got to give her that - well done sis.

Angela writes: -

"Hi folks,

just to tell you I won my age group in a cross country race yesterday!! It was one of a series of four races. the last one is next Saturday and since I won two and came second in one it means I have won the series in my age group even before completing the fourth.

The girl in front of me is my friend Claudia who came third in her age group (but came in just before me). As you can see it was pretty chilly :-)




Brybrarobry said...

Congrats to your sis.

Angie said...

Thanks brov, it was actually -15°C, couldnt smile for the camera because my face was frozen :-). Came third in the last of the four races but still won first prize for the series - even got a trophy!

Love sis