Friday, January 01, 2010

Sid and Seb ride their bikes for the first time

Grandma and Granddad bought Sid and Seb their first ever bikes for Christmas.

The frames were a bit big but as Mummy and Daddy collected them from the shop like all good parents we were thinking of the long term and thought the boys would "grow into them".

Come Christmas day we were a bit worried that the boys wouldn't be able to use them for six months or so. Even after taking off the rear reflector and the rear mudguard in order to drop the saddle to the bare frame the boys could still barely touch the floor.

Consequently during Christmas we didn't overly encourage the boys to try them out as we were worried they might be put off. However, over New Year (and the boys birthday) we decided to take the bikes with us and see how they fared if the opportunity arose.

They had about 30seconds each with Daddy holding the saddle and then this!!!! Amazing or what?!!!

In fact if you have followed Sid and Seb's early exploits you'll see that Grandma and Granddad bought them a "Like a Bike" each two years ago. These are super little wooden bikes but without pedals and they teach toddlers to scoot along (at great speed mind you) and lift their feet and thus learning the fundamentals of riding a "proper" bike. This clearly helped Sid and Seb massively - even so I don't think either Shilpa or I expected them to pick it up this quick especially on over sized bikes.

Well done Sid and Seb.

Thanks "Like a Bike"

Thanks Grandma and Granddad.


Anonymous said...

wah...good job twin bros

Uncle Tey

Anonymous said...

Wow.... who is gonna be #1 & #2 on the podium??

Denis Oakley said...

Excellent - Can you get them in Malaysia or is it a buy and import job?

Simon said...

Denis, I assume you're referring to the "Like a bike" - I got mine from the UK although someone told me they saw something similar at IKEA - not sure about that though.

All I will say is it was worth every penny and they still use them now to wizz around the house.

Donna D said...

I was wondering if the wooden scooter bikes were good, for my nephew and niece - seems like they are perfect to learn balance and kind of get used to a bike! Amazing! Thanks for sharing!