Friday, January 08, 2010

Why I don't live in England

The list is actually quite long, it includes but by no means limited to: -
2) Knife crime
3) Gun crime
4) Home owners jailed for protecting their own homes (what happened to an Englishman's home is his castle?)
5) Road rage
6) Road congestion
7) Expensive - high cost of living
8) High Taxes

The list goes on and on quite frankly...and yes I know that there are a lot of great things about living there too and I know the standard retort "When you weigh up the good and the bad then there's no better place to live". This of course is the standard line from anyone that hasn't spent time living in other countries where: -

2) violent crime is a rarity and is still shocking to the general public
3) attack someone that breaks into your home and you get a medal
4) run a snatch thief down with your car and you get a medal, a reward and your car fixed
5) Road rage is a rarity (to be honest that's because everyone drives badly so no one gets too upset when they get cut up or someone pushes in)
6) Minimal congestion and certainly nothing compared to the M25
7) Inexpensive to the point that everyone has domestic help including the domestic help
8) Low taxes

But all this aside there is a number 1 on my list (I didn't forget it) and it's the weather. The picture below says it all. Picturesque yes, but believe me you don't want to live there - you think February is the shortest month? No no no no, live in England and February feels like it will never ever ever end.

Don't get me wrong, I love England I really do and I might move back there one day WHEN THEY FIX THE WEATHER. In the meantime give me Malaysia any day, or get the idea.

(Picture courtesy of the BBC)


Anonymous said...

LOL ! ur 2nd last sentence made me laugh. when they fix d weather !!!

we're more than welcome to make a living anywhere we prefer on earth.right?

and now im wondering why some relative of mine simply love staying in the UK !! :P

i luvvit here in Msia. Just at times its nice to have a temporary change :)

yipwt said...

is that pic for real? How do i bike there?

Simon said...

Yes Yip, picture genuine, that' how the UK is at th moment - everywhere under snow and forecast for more to come.

Anonymous said...

god simon, when did you start to sound so right wing?

you can judge a society on how it treats those living on the margins of society.....

C x

Simon said...

C, I've always been a little to the right, one of Thatcher's children me! I was a member of the Tory party at 15 and that's no joke! Aunty Maggie and me on the road together.

Not sure what you mean about "those living on the margins of society"? Do you mean Kent?