Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Naked Scientist - New Series on BBC

Check out Dr Chris Wayman PhD, scientist, triathlete, physco-billy, sailor, windsurfer, father, rubber fetish addict, husband and all round Lycra wearing nutter. I happen to know that under his labcoat he was wearing a pink Lycra trisuit. See how he single handedly (with a little help from his friends) discovered Viagra and shared his findings with the world - Click HERE.

All mudslinging, p*sstaking and general abuse aside, I can't begin to express how impressed and proud of Chris I am. He's worked really hard and gotten to a point where he is highly respected in his field of expertise - reinforced by the fact that a mega-company like Pfiser would have him out there doing demos on the Beeb. Huge repect Chris.

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