Monday, April 27, 2009

Chris Wayman throws down the gauntlet

Chris finished the London Marathon on Sunday in 3 hours 24 minutes, which is 21 minutes faster than his previous personal best - AWESOME! He trained for and was targeting a sub 3:30 so he blew that away easily.

Prior to the race he noticed that I was aiming for a Boston qualifying time and suggested that he'd try for that too. Bearing in mind he didn't train specifically for that he came amazingly close but the beauty of it is, that if I do qualify in the KL Marathon then he'll have to do another marathon this year - now the evil side of me likes that as an incentive, chuckle chuckle.

By the way, does anyone else think he looks particularly fresh for someone that has just run a marathon in 3:24? I only realised that these were taken after the race when I noticed Indie holding the medal.


Anonymous said...

I thought the photos were 'file photos'. Yes, he does look very fresh.

LG said...

Thumbs up! The hard work paid off ..! Next in line ...would be Simon Cross! :)