Friday, April 03, 2009

Great News on Ngae - Biospy non-malignant

Tey just emailed me and also left a comment on the previous post as he contacted Ngae earlier today and this is what Ngae wrote: -

"Biopsy report today confirms non-malignancy in my brain. Thank you for your concern buddy. Likely discharged today. With the urgent op thru my skull on Monday I cant be active in sport for 3 months. Will see you guys a bit later. It was a special experience. Thank all friends for the care and feeling. God bless us all. Ngae"

Simon says: - What wonderful news, hopefully he'll be home for the weekend and really and truly on the road to recovery - no doubt he'll be out running again by the beginning of July (or earlier if I know Ngae).

This news has certainly put a smile on my face and sets up a happy weekend.


Ngae said...

Thank you to all friends for the prayers, care and concerned over the last few days. This is to give you a detailed explanation.

Thank you for wishing to visit me. Certainly I appreciate your wish in my heart. At the moment, I like the quiet rest. Dont worry about visiting me. Online I am reading all the time your hearts in this.

I feel just as much connection with your thoughts care and concern even though you are not here visiting me physically.

I will be seeing you as I recover. Hey, in the marathons, ultramarathons, IMs and such events I may be physically alone doing them but I dont feel alone because I know my friends think about me. So similarly I feel the touch of my friends all the time over the last few days.

I just got back home to rest. What led to my brain op was this. I went thru preventive radiation after occurence of benign parotid gland tumour near the left ear in 2004. But radiation has side effect. After many years, the effect of radiation caused what is called radiation necrosis. This is cumulative damaging effect to an area near my left ear in the lower brain. In fact the left lower lobe has swollen and pushed the centre line right. I could have gone into more serious condition and more brain damage. I was experiencing some vision problem, ringing ear and throbbing head in IM Langkawi . Good thing during the layoff period after IM I have time going around doctors. Dr Tan and Wife referred me to neurologist and MRI Scan showed the need for an urgent brain op. The surgeon needed to cut the skull an opening above my left ear at the troubled lower brain spot and took out the damaged tissues concerned. These were tested and today I got the result confirming they are non-malignant. The reattached bone piece near my left ear needs to fuse safely with the skull in about 3 months. I need to be on medication for next 6 months to remedy the damage in the brain over the years.

Due to brain op, I was first time through ICU and now need the rest. Certainly it was an unique experience for me.

Thank you Simon for your heart in this and for so much help in passing out the updates.

So friends dont worry about where to visit me now. Will surely be seeing you guys as I slowly come back and do what I love over the next 3 months. And talk about this with friends. Thank you all again.

God bless us all.

Ngae said...

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