Thursday, April 02, 2009

Ngae SMS this morning

"Hi buddy. Thanks 4 lending the mags. Always love reading about Chrissie (Wellington). Emma must be inspired by her. I am still waiting for the biopsy report. Will update. Looking forward finishing 4th Ironman. God willing."

Simon say: - That's the spirit Ngae - not that we expected anything less.

On another note I've been receiving lots of thanks for keeping everyone up to date regarding Ngae's health. Quite honestly it's no trouble at all and the least I can do. My preference would be for you to direct all your comments and positive thoughts towards Ngae - thanks guys - keep the comments coming though, Ngae's eyes lit up when he saw them and started reading them.

I will be respecting his request for no more visits until he's home but I'll periodically fax him the comments as I know he'll get a real boost from this.

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Keat Seong said...

Ngae will be finishing alot more Ironmans and Ultras for sure!!!