Monday, April 06, 2009

New Faces, Long Runs & GOOD MORNING

I put together my first long run since Ironman yesterday. Usual Sri Hartamas, round the petrol station loop and then back again. I ran the first half with Shilpa and then the return leg with Sofian - he kept telling me he wasn't a runner but he's got a great rhythm on the flats and downhills it's just the hills that slow him down - here's my prediction for 2009 - if he can drop a few kg's Sofian is going to amaze everyone with his ever increasing pace.

Anyway, on to the subject listed above, it was great to be back out on a Sunday morning, I've really missed it, there's nothing like knocking out a brisk half marathon, or more, before breakfast - it doesn't matter what the day holds after that the run is in the bank.

...oh yes, the subject "New Faces" - it struck me yesterday how many new faces there were along the route. Shilpa suggested that it might be because we left a little later than normal but I don't think so - it's out and back so you see most people anyway.

There were also a lot of expats that I haven't seen before - I wonder what that's all about???

It might be that people are now training for the KL Marathon and Half Marathon that haven't done before as it is later in the year i.e. training doesn't fall over Xmas, New Year and CNY. Who knows why it was but it was great to see - hopefully more and more will join.

On a final point - whether you like it or not, if you're out there on a Sunday morning, you're going to get a "GOOD MORNING" from me. I didn't get up at 5:00a.m. only to then run 21k in a state of misery, head down, ignoring my fellow suffers. I run because I chose to run, because I enjoy it and I'm assuming that those out there too are like minded. Come on guys, cheer up and don't just acknowledge me acknowledge everyone out there - we're all on the same team.

As for cyclists - don't get me started on cyclists...but that's another blog.

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Anonymous said...

Many ppls training for sundown too.

I let u wife know this race,maybe she interest next yr,start 12am.