Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Reason 5437 why Sir Richard Branson is a hero

(Courtesy of Sir Dick via Twitter & The Mailonline)

It is said that billionaires can be magnets for pretty girls but this is ridiculous.

With his eyes fixed firmly in front, kite surfer Sir Richard Branson seems not to have noticed that he has a naked girl clinging to his back.

In fact, Branson agreed to model for the risque shot while enjoying a visit to his private Caribbean island, Necker, after photographer Stephane Gautronneau suggested his girlfriend, model Denni Parkinson, also took part in the shoot.

See the full article and more "interesting" pictures HERE


Anonymous said...

I thought Sir Richard Branson had caught a mermaid.

azmyspin said...

Hi Simon,

Nice article u got there..
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plee said...

Hmm, My first thought on seeing the pic below was if the wet skin reduced the drag forces nd made Richard more aero...