Thursday, April 30, 2009

Villagers use scarecrow policeman to slow traffic

(Courtesy of the Telegraph)

Villagers in Cumbria have set up a scarecrow policeman after becoming fed up with speeding motorists.

The scarecrow is armed with a plastic bottle for a 'speed camera' and dressed in policeman's hat and black suit made to look like a uniform with a flourescent yellow jacket.

The tactic has so far been a success in the village of Crosby-on-Eden, Cumbria.

Sandra McKeane, 43, who made the 'sleeping policeman', is worried there will be an accident if cars do not start slowing down.

She said: "Speeding is quite a problem in the village.

"It has been amazing to see them all slowing down thinking it's a real policeman.

"We've lived here 15-years and there are more cars driving through faster than ever.

"We're worried there could be an accident - it's busy with the children."

Simon says: - "They've been doing this for years in Malaysia on the highway, especially on the way to Ipoh. They stick dummies dressed up as policemen in the roadside speedtrap tents - never works with me because I never see the tent anyway until I've gone past it.

Also battery operated dummies waving red flags in front of roadworks is another favourite here - seems to work reasonably well and saves some poor smuck going brain dead waving a flag all day. I guess it could also be argued that it puts someone out of a job too. Blimey, isn't the world full of conflicts?"

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